Sometimes, when you’re having a rough day, you need a little encouragement.  That extra push, one might say.  At our school, however, you get to be encouraged while you are evacuating your bowels/bladder.  There are a collection of posters in the faculty bathroom, located across from the throne of freedom to help you along the … More Inspiration.

10 Teacher Things to Make it to Spring Break

One week to spring break, you guys.  Some of you lucky educators-of-young-minds are already on spring break, free.  So free. To help those of us in the trenches, here are some things to fill your planning block. Thank God for Etsy, amiright? I am.  It’s a special kind of wonderful that we have this online, Pinterest-infused … More 10 Teacher Things to Make it to Spring Break

That Teacher Look

Once upon a time, back in my own high school years, I made my mother miserable with my clothing choices.  I don’t really have any good excuse…I don’t THINK I had a traumatic brain injury that would lead me to believe that a size 14 (which is what I truly was back in high school) … More That Teacher Look

Best Ever List of Discounts for Teachers

Teachers are not paid a lot.  I know, stunning revelations for you here.  That’s why you should give them sweet gift cards on Teacher Appreciation Week. Starbucks is always good, because, let’s be real, what teacher doesn’t bleed coffee?  But if you’re looking for another way for teachers to get more bang for their buck, … More Best Ever List of Discounts for Teachers