What Do You Make?

Wayyyyy back in graduate school ( ok, like four months ago), there was a video going around that made us would-be teachers all flutter.  The video is of a teacher talking about what a teacher “makes.”  Every teacher, current and prospective, gets all pumped up.  This is like a slam-poem version of Dead Poet Society.  … More What Do You Make?

Raisins in the Air

The first assignment that we do every semester is the following prompt: “What do you want to do in the next five years, and how will you get there?” The purpose is for me to get an idea of the types of goals and dreams that are in my classroom.  We take that information, and … More Raisins in the Air

Urine Trouble

There are times, as a teacher, that I feel like I’m making a difference. Times that I see the lights come on in my student’s eyes, and everything is awesome. Times that my students seek me for advice, or they run to tell me that they’ve gotten into college or gotten a job. Those moments are awesome. Then, there are the piss-in-a-bottle moments. Less awesome. … More Urine Trouble