About the Teacher

Hi there! I’m Michelle, and this is an ongoing collection of “Crocodile Tales” from my teaching.  I write about the shenanigans of my high school students.  I am recording the beautiful moments when they aren’t criticizing my hair/skin/nails/clothing/music taste, rolling their eyes, sighing heavily, texting from beneath their tables, and/or asking to go to the bathroom.  Which, as you can imagine, is about five minutes of each day.  Not really.  Probably.

These tales are worth a read.  Those FLOA*  just can’t help themselves.

Check out some of the Student Quotes of the Day (SQOTD) on the twitter feed!

*FLOA: Future Leaders of America: Just a reminder, these stories are a snapshot of the future of our dear country.  Yeah.  The debates in our future presidential elections are going to get a lot more interesting.

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