10 Teacher Things to Make it to Spring Break

One week to spring break, you guys.  Some of you lucky educators-of-young-minds are already on spring break, free.  So free. To help those of us in the trenches, here are some things to fill your planning block.

Thank God for Etsy, amiright? I am.  It’s a special kind of wonderful that we have this online, Pinterest-infused marketplace to help decorate and supply a teacher’s lowly-budgeted life.  Here are some of the best things I’ve found on Pinterest for teachers who are a  little dead inside (spoiler alert: it’s all of us).

  1. Anything I can drink wine out of.

AfterSchool Snack

2) I could also drink wine out of this.


3) And this.

coffee mug

…but I hear it’s not “classy” to drink wine out of mugs.  Whatever, man.  Let me live my life.

4)  I love a sassy tshirt.


5) I don’t love the color, since it reminds me of the gum that blows up in Mission Impossible, but this has the kind of arrogance I strive for.


6) Also this tote, but not for the same reason as you sweet, elementary school teachers.  I am an embittered high school teacher.  I don’t mean “little minds” as in sweet and innocent, I mean it in an insulting, hateful way.  Because I love them enough to hate them.


7)  The best summary of my life I’ve ever seen in my favorite type of clothing.


8) Something to put into my glasses and mugs.  Since your child IS the reason I drink. I prefer white, but I’ll choke down a red if you insist.


9) I’d like this, except I want something that is mildly threatening/passive aggressive on it.  Like, “I love that you never have your own writing implement.  That’s awesome.”  Or, “Unpreparedness is super cute.” “Your boss is going to love your inability to show up on time”


10) I adore literary earrings.  I’m sure math teachers probably love jewelry  that asks stupid questions about how many watermelons does Juan buy before walking 17 miles, but I always want to know why Juan needs so many damn watermelons.  That is way too many watermelons.


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