10 Words You Wish Didn’t Exist

There is no end to the slang that revolves through middle and high school hallways.  It’s important, as an educator, to understand what these mean so that you don’t end up using the words inappropriately, or ya know, at all. Ever.  Because so many of them are horrible mutations of the English language. Here are some words for your edification:

1. THOT (noun): That Hoe Over There

  • Ex: I don’t like that THOT.

Action required: If a student calls someone a THOT, smack em in their mouth and call their momma (PSA: I do not endorse  smacking students).


2. Bet (noun): Alright, I shall go accomplish the task that you have given me.

  • Ex: “Go do your paper.”  “Alright, bet.”

Action required: None, they’re doing what you asked.  You can respond “bet” back, but it gets weird.


3. Moe (Pronoun): You, Dude

  • Ex: What up, Moe.

Action required: What up, dude.


4. Yas, Queen! (noun): I agree with what you’re doing/wearing/saying, and you are fierce.

  • Ex: “I’m just going to go home and eat a burrito.” “YAS QUEEN!” (Snap of the finger)

Action Required: Flip your hair, queen.


Or, do what I do and smile awkwardly and don’t respond.


5. Slay (verb): Show up look super beautiful and wearing awesome clothes.

  • Ex: “I’m about to slay at the club.”

Action required: Slay at the club.


6. Lit (adj): awesome

  • Ex: “Yo, that movie was lit.”

Action Required: Awkwardly involve yourself in their conversation and ask them if it really was lit.


7. It’s Gucci (adj): It’s really awesome and high class.

  • Ex: “Check out this party.  It’s Gucci.”

Action Required: Make it weird by saying, “That is not Gucci” and move on with your day without explaining it.


8. Skrt Skrt (Noun): I shall  now avoid this scenario.

  • Ex: I see someone coming, and I go, “SKRT SKIRT” and avoid them.

Action Required: Awkwardly begin following who ever tried to avoid someone/something.


9. YAAAAAAS : Yes, I am so excited, I agree with you.


Action Required: Join in with their “YASSSSSSS” and keep it going even after they stop.


10. Fam’ (noun): Family, close friend

  • Ex: “How are you, fam?”

Action Required: Refer to awkward smile above.


More fabulous vocabulary lessons are to come…

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