10 End-of Semester Feels

I teach in a 4×4 school, which means that each semester I get a whole new crop of students, which gives me all sorts of feels.  I primarily teach seniors (semester long) and I also teach an elective, which is a year-long course with too many freshman.

Starting a new course load always give teachers the feels:

  1. When you realize you have two days to get rid of a whole semester’s worth of crap and prepare for a whole new group:

ci0khrkm9arxmWho wants to bet the copier will be broken?

2. When you realize that the entitled student from your second block is done with high school as of Friday, and the real world is about to learn em’ good.

hdqx780fcbct6Good luck at Wal Mart, that blue vest is super cute on you.

3. When you realize you are going to miss some of these nearly-formed humans.

uk1vmpienwdvoOh Captain, my captain.

4. When you realize that the only kids you don’t enjoy are the ones in you’ll continue to see after this semester.
3o72f4k31otz4gop4y“Oh, that’s so great we have all year together.”

5. When you get a note from a student who you didn’t think cared, saying that you were their favorite teacher.

ukhhiz37idrgoI mean, yeah.

6. When a student comes with four months worth of missing assignments two days before the end of the semester.
26broxwn8plpkxfvcYou thought.

7. When you realize you have to memorize another seventy names.

nh526iwe2afskYa done messed up, A-a-ron.

8. When you think about the staff development and mandatory team building they will undoubtedly shovel down your throat during the teacher workdays.

14fy5sxcbhfdcyI swear if you make me tier one more activity.

9. When you think about how you have to be all scary again to keep classroom management the first few weeks.

10. When you think about all the awesome activities you don’t have to plan anymore because you’ve already taught it six times and it kills every. single. time.

How many days till summer?


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