SQOTD- “The Devil is ALIVE!”

The school I teach at is old, and thus, is full of strange noises.  The water is orange from old pipes.  There may or may not be a significant ghost presence on the premises from the numerous civil war happenings in this area.

The other day we were sitting in class, getting ready to discuss something vitally important, when a small, screaming sound came from the wall.  The scream grew into a moan, and the wall reverberated.  I stopped my lecture and stared at the wall.  Everyone in class did the same, silently awaiting the Kool-Aid man burst out of the brick wall.  A loud thud sounded and then what sounded like a lot of rushing water.

One of my students eyes got big, as she stood,

“Mrs. N! The devil is ALIVE!”


Upon further investigation, they were clearing the pipes with pressurized tools.  But if it hadn’t been that, it was definitely the devil.


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