SQOTD-“Did You Know Meat is Muscle?”

I am fortunate enough to work with some awesome teachers, so sometimes, I get some quotes from students who are not my cherubs.  Today was one such occasion.  I was sitting in another teacher’s study hall class, and a student came up to Ms. Teacher, looking severely distressed.

“Ms. Teacher.” She said, taking a steadying breath.

“Yes?” Ms. Teacher said, expectantly.

“Did you know meat is muscle?  I’ve been eating muscle all of my life!” She looked horrified.


We collapsed into laughter, and the student’s friend patted her shoulder consolingly.

Ms. Teacher tilted her head, “Um, what did you think it was?”

Student scrunched up her face, considering, “Well, like, I thought it was meat.  Like the layers went: skin, muscle, meat, and bone.”

I surfaced from laughter, “How did you explain chicken wings?  Where there is skin, meat, and bone?”

She shrugged, bewildered.  “Nobody told me.”





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