Best Ever List of Discounts for Teachers

8 Best Ever Discounts for Teachers!

Teachers are not paid a lot.  I know, stunning revelations for you here.  That’s why you should give them sweet gift cards on Teacher Appreciation Week. Starbucks is always good, because, let’s be real, what teacher doesn’t bleed coffee?  But if you’re looking for another way for teachers to get more bang for their buck, you could give them a gift card to one of the following places, because teachers get discounts there.  It’s like a double gift.

Also, I’d like to point out that Teacher Appreciation Week DOES EXIST for high school teachers too.  I think there may have been some confusion, but just so you know, your high school students’ teachers DO like gifts.  Throw us a bone.  And by bone, I mean gift cards. Normally, all HS teachers get for Teacher  Appreciation Week is patronizing glances.

There are about a million and one gigantic lists of “discounts” for teachers, but for all my searching and asking, these are the best teacher discounts that I have found that only require a teacher ID, not a convoluted “cash back” program.  These discounts are taken right at the register.  They all require teacher IDs, and most are 15% in addition to whatever other discount is going on.  IE-these discounts are fricken awesome.  However, most are not available online.  So you have to, you know, leave the house.  #TheStruggleisReal

  1. Barnes and Noble: 20% off.  Books=<3
    I don’t care what you teach; you need books for your classroom.  The discount is 25% on teacher appreciation day too, which is pretty sweet.  Sign up for a card with your teacher ID, and you’re good to go.
  2. Joann Fabric & Craft Store: 15% off
    These also have a grip of frequent coupons that come out that you can combine with your teacher discount.  Guys, think of all the chevron borders.  And crafting supplies.  ALL the crafting supplies.
  3. Books-A-Million: 20% off
    Oh man guys. I love books.  I love discounted books even more.
  4. J-Crew : 15% off (full-price merch only)
    Let’s be honest, it’d have to be 15% off AND on sale for any of us teachers to afford their stuff under normal circumstances.  That being said, it’s nice that they tossed a few pennies our way. Who knows? Maybe some student gave you a gift card.
  5. Michaels: 15% off
    My enthusiasm for Michaels matches that of Joann’s.  I love me some crafting supplies.  In fact, I probably should omitted the craft stores.  Teacher discounts at crafting stores is a little like sprinkling cocaine on the floor of a drug den. Just people crawling all over and grabbing all they can with no regard for the sanctity of human decency.
  6. Banana Republic: 15% off (full-price merch only)
    I’m including this in the off chance that anyone is feeling lush and wants to splurge, because let’s be real, 15% off a $90 blouse is still like $76, and I’m not about that life.
  7. New York Times: 50% off subscription
    Because education.
  8. Charlotte Russe: 15% off
    The only problem with this is that you may match your students. That’s problematic.  Maybe you could find a scarf or something.

There are TONS of stores that have teacher appreciation days that give you 10-20% off for a few days (usually in August).  Check your local paper for those discount days.

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