SQOTD- “Beowulf. That a real wolf though?”

On our second day of class I was discussing Anglo-Saxon literature.  I try to impress upon them the dog-eat-dog mentality of the Anglo-Saxon world, and how violent it was. “People died young, and often violently.  We are even going to be reading about a terrifying monster in Beowulf.” Student quote of the day: “Beowulf.  That … More SQOTD- “Beowulf. That a real wolf though?”

SQOTD-“Can you at least, you know, pep it up a little? Be enthusiastic at least?”

The first day of class is always filled with policies, rules, and a ton of “BLAHBLAHBLAH.”  After going through the regular list of evacuation routes, emergency procedures, and other crap that no one wants to hear about but everyone needs to know, one of my students raised his hand and asked, “How do you feel … More SQOTD-“Can you at least, you know, pep it up a little? Be enthusiastic at least?”

That Teacher Look

Once upon a time, back in my own high school years, I made my mother miserable with my clothing choices.  I don’t really have any good excuse…I don’t THINK I had a traumatic brain injury that would lead me to believe that a size 14 (which is what I truly was back in high school) … More That Teacher Look

What Do You Make?

Wayyyyy back in graduate school ( ok, like four months ago), there was a video going around that made us would-be teachers all flutter.  The video is of a teacher talking about what a teacher “makes.”  Every teacher, current and prospective, gets all pumped up.  This is like a slam-poem version of Dead Poet Society.  … More What Do You Make?

Best Ever List of Discounts for Teachers

Teachers are not paid a lot.  I know, stunning revelations for you here.  That’s why you should give them sweet gift cards on Teacher Appreciation Week. Starbucks is always good, because, let’s be real, what teacher doesn’t bleed coffee?  But if you’re looking for another way for teachers to get more bang for their buck, … More Best Ever List of Discounts for Teachers

Raisins in the Air

The first assignment that we do every semester is the following prompt: “What do you want to do in the next five years, and how will you get there?” The purpose is for me to get an idea of the types of goals and dreams that are in my classroom.  We take that information, and … More Raisins in the Air

Urine Trouble

There are times, as a teacher, that I feel like I’m making a difference. Times that I see the lights come on in my student’s eyes, and everything is awesome. Times that my students seek me for advice, or they run to tell me that they’ve gotten into college or gotten a job. Those moments are awesome. Then, there are the piss-in-a-bottle moments. Less awesome. … More Urine Trouble